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Guild Membership

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Subscribing to the guild gives you complete guild access. Guild access includes Auto/Manual hosts from my twitch channel (10-100+ viewers), help with networking, access to sponsors and partnered companies, webinars, and a thriving community of 50+ members.

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5 reviews for Guild Membership

  1. wolfirotisha (verified owner)

    Buying this guild membership i DO NOT REGRET! He (as well as the rest of the guild.) Have given me SOOO much insight and help to grow myself as a person AND as a Content Creator. Any questions ive had have been answered within 48 hours. The community is also fantastic. Everyone basically knows each other and we are always reaching out to one another asking if anyone wants to join in someones else’s server or game. There is NEVER a dull moment in the guild. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS SIGN UP ALREADY!!!


  2. wilddunion (verified owner)

    For where I am currently, his guides have been extremely helpful AND on top of that his guild members have also helped me as well. So you can expect him to lead you into a path that is very much so needed and find a bunch of new friends. I’m extremely happy with this and cant wait to learn more as I continue to be in there.

    He keeps things fairly blunt and straight forward although it may hurt. but its there to help. He turned my textbook of a channel into better, more eye appealing panels that have links to it and its look 100x cleaner then what it was before hand 10/10 Thank you plague

  3. KrunchyLex (verified owner)

    There were a lot of small things I hadn’t considered when trying to grow my stream, but Plague took the time to talk to me one on one and both figure out what I needed to do and set goals to get me rolling. It worked and I’ve kept right on rolling onward and upward since then, but I would’ve probably had a much harder and longer ride if not for Plague and his guild. I can’t thank him enough. Not only that, but the rest of the guildies are a good, friendly bunch who are always willing to help each other out with streaming and even advice about all sorts of things.

    Overall just a great community and a great guy at the head of it all.

  4. WickedShifter (verified owner)

    Quick and easy, Plague is an awesome dude and everyone else has been amazing, ive met so many great people and achieved Goals never thought possible

  5. ATC Guardian (verified owner)

    Plague’s guild helped me reach my first goal of becoming a Twitch Affiliate and also helped polish up my streaming. The community is great and everyone is so helpful, even all of the people that graduated still help new and old guildies.

    Once your in the guild it feels like you’ve made a bunch of new life long friends! 10/10 would join again, glad I got in and definitely will point others to the guild who are looking for help streaming.

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