Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new website for my stream! I built this for many reasons so I wanted to cover everything the site offers, so get comfy, grab a beverage and enjoy!

My Stream History

First and foremost this website is directly associated with my Twitch stream. I have been streaming since Twitch’s first year as the OG creator of UGRGaming. At the time I was the Media Manager / Web Dev for UGRGaming.com and wanted to reach out to our fans in a more personal way. I ran the channel for three years, built a following, and got it a few partnerships, the biggest being Xsplit. The owner of UGRGaming Brandon Stennis was interested in streaming after watching the channel take off and we started co-streaming on the channel. After a while it got confusing as viewers would see two different people stream at different times and channels that did this at the time were rare. After a while I decided to start my own channel and gave exclusive rights to UGRGaming’s account to Brandon and he took it to amazing heights. He is now the Community Manager for Xsplit, Twitch Partner, and Sponsored by some great companies. GO GIVE HIM SOME LOVE. Twitch.tv/ugrgaming

After I made this new channel, I started over from scratch. My community from UGRGaming followed me to my new channel and gave me a nice boost through the now saturated user base. I have had this channel for over three years now, and have had some ups and downs. The first two years I didn’t take streaming serious anymore, I lost my drive after having to start over. Real life, school, family, friends all seemed more important. As Twitch started to add more features, and grow as a company something changed my mindset on streaming. I had just finished broadcasting college and wanted nothing more than to be a personality. I wanted to build one of the best communities on Twitch and to soak in every opportunity Twitch gave out. A switch flipped in me and I went into hardcore stream mode. I rebranded my channel, I contacted every original viewer I could after my absence, I created all new social channels and started marketing as hard as I could. Fast forward to today, my channel is finally taking off and I get to entertain my amazing community almost every night. Sponsors are rolling in, and opportunities to grow the channel further are popping up.

I recently was told I was losing my job, so I’m taking my new free time to put everything I have into Twitch to make it truly something special. So please consider stopping by the channel and hanging out for a bit, you will not be disappointed.

Guild Platform

Four months ago, Streamlabs started their Guild system. The system allowed users to create guilds which were utilized for different things. Some guilds trained others in video game tactics, others helped artists learn and grow…my guild…well it was used to create a new breed of Twitch broadcaster. I wanted to take casters and mold them into what could be considered the most professional set of talent Twitch has seen. I covered branding, stream techniques, marketing strategy, social media use, and showed my members how to reach out to companies for sponsorships, and how to network efficiently. My guild quickly rose through the ranks of the hundreds of guilds created and eventually landed at #1. My guild became the number one featured guild on the entire site and I rarely had a spot open for new members. I worked extremely close with Streamlabs to build in new features for the guild system such as the Graduate System, Event Calendar, and the addition of your own Discord server.

When I was informed the guild platform was being taken offline I immediately took action and started building this website, so that when guilds was taken down, everyone I was helping could still get the assistance I was providing. I am working extremely hard to add new services, bring on partners, and to take this platform to the next level. So if you are here to join the guild… thank you very much!


I have put off merchandise for a very long time, but my loving community has demanded products… SO I’M MAKING PRODUCTS! Along with your standard shirts, hoodies, cups, stickers and so on I will also have some of my sponsors gear on here. You will see Gamersupps products on my store as well, so if your looking for a great energy product that isn’t bad for you, well here ya go! Check out my products here.

Gamer Chat Weekly

For anyone that has followed my journey through the years, you may have heard of my podcast, GAMER CHAT WEEEKLY. If not, go catch up on it over at www.gamerchatweekly.com


This is the start of something new, and I am excited to see where this path leads. It will come with bumps, and scares, but we will get to where we want to go together. Thank you for the continued support as always and I’ll see you in my channel soon! =D