About The Guild

Welcome Everyone,

First and foremost thank you for checking out the guild website and everything it has to offer. This project was sparked when Streamlabs announced that their guild system was being taken offline. As a featured guild, and leader of one of the most successful guilds on the platform I was shocked to hear the news and instantly worried about the 50+ members I had in my guild. What would become of them? How could I further assist them after the platform was gone? Where will new casters look to, to get info?

I got to thinking of all the ways I could make the system work after the platform was gone and decided to start my own. I built this website to continue where Streamlabs left off. I still offer EVERYTHING they did and more! With my own platform I can provide many more features to my guild, including a guild page only accessible by guild members with videos, articles, webinars, and events only they can see, making their monthly subscription worth every penny. I can now also bring on partners, that allows companies to hand pick selected guild members to test out new products, and get their feet wet in networking.

My guild is a family of talented casters, and there was no way I was breaking that family up, so welcome to the new home of ADMIREDPLAGUE’s GUILD BABY!!!

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