Cam Link 4k

With Cam Link 4K, easily connect your DSLR, camcorder, or action cam to your PC or Mac. Use your camera as a webcam in your favorite apps. And broadcast via any platform.

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  • Step 1: Take your Cam Link 4k out of its package

  • Step 2: Plug your Cam Link 4k into a USB 3.0 port on your PC.

  • Step 3: Plug an HDMI cord into the exposed end of the Cam Link 4k

  • Step 4: Plug the opposite end of the HDMI cord into your DSLR, or other supported device

  • Step 5: Once connected, open up your broadcast software on your PC, and add a new video source.

  • Step 6: Choose “USB Video Device”, you should now see your camera acting as a webcam. If you don’t, make sure your camera is on or is supported by the Cam Link 4k. List of compatible devices can be found here:

If I had to assist a live influencer who is having troubles with a 4K60 Pro MK.2, I would first jump into their stream and get a detailed description of what is happening. The influencer tells me the video capture signal drops occasionally. Being in the stream allows me to see exactly what is going on so that I can run through a list of basic fixes. I can ask the influencer to check the connection to the capture card and the connection to the system. Loose cords can lead to a signal drop if not plugged in correctly. If the cords are all plugged in securely, I would then suggest to try a new HDMI cord if they have them available.

In a worst case scenario they may need to re-seat their 4K60 Pro, but this would require the stream to go offline. If none of the basic fixes work, ask the influencer if I may direct message them to further assist them with more advanced solutions. If a basic fix works, chat can spam “PogChamp” and we can possibly get more sales simply for being great at support. If a more advanced fix is required, the influencer knows they can rely on me to be there for them until the problem is solved.

Cameron Zoldak, Elgato Technical Marketing Specialist