The Storm

By now most influencers on the Twitch platform have likely seen the mass amount of tweets that have called out and accused many casters for many things from different forms of abuse, manipulation, black mail, and more. I usually stay away from drama as it can reflect negatively on my brand and on how people can view me, but I’m writing this because I have worked with or am in some way connected to some of the individuals called out. I wanted to take this time to inform newer casters and experienced casters alike on how to either avoid this drama completely or if connected how to remove themselves from the situation properly.

This post will not cover who did what, the defenses of the accused, or even mention of those that came out with their stories. Though I am glad that people are speaking up and shedding light on monsters that haunted them, but this site is not the place to fuel any more fire than this has already created. This is about how situations like this can impact your relationships based on how you know people that can be involved in drama.

You Are Your Friends

Ever heard “You are who you hang out with.” ? It’s a saying I hear often, but it can mean two different things. The main thing it states is that, you as an individual can create habits and manners of those around you. If you hang out with the same people long enough you start to gain their mannerisms, train of thought, and more. Best friends or siblings usually can finish each others sentences or have the same ideas at the same time. Long periods of being with others essentially makes you sync with them. This has downsides though, because if you hang out with people who tend to do bad things, eventually you start to do them as well. So how does this tie into Twitch and casting? Well if you hang around people that tend to cause drama or appear to be negative influences on the platform, companies that want to work with you may pass you up, because of who you associate with. Though you may not be a bad person or do bad things, there is a potential risk for you to get caught up in some stuff that companies representing you don’t want any part of, nor do they want their name associated with you if things go south.

This means that you should probably find friend groups and communities that share your same moral code. Join communities that promote positivity growth, and knowledge. Being good friends with good people means you evolve for the better. Positive influences can help you gain sponsors, grow a better community, and create a platform of safe harbor for those that may need it. These are the kinds of casters that succeed and do well on the platform. Yes you can manipulate people to get to the top, but it wont last long.

Trim The Fat

If you do end up involved in drama, but aren’t the direct cause there are things you can do to set an example for your community. I believe people should have second chances, but I also believe people should pay for what they may have done to at least reflect on why they were wrong. There is nothing wrong with cutting ties with someone you know or refusing to work, network, or collaborate with someone if they have in the past been involved in anything that caused a negative reaction. You control your brand and community so set an example and refuse to work with those that have wronged others. This shows your community and businesses that you stand by what you promote and that goes a long way. If someone reaches out and you know they have been involved in something in the past, but have made amends then it may be okay to pursue that route. Not all people that get caught up in drama are at fault and some get falsely accused. The internet is a wild place and there are many sides to a story. Use your best judgement.

Wrapping Up

I hope this may help some people now or in the future as I feel this wont be the last time something this big happens. Try your best to surround yourself with good people, build a loving community, and always do your best to help others as much as possible. The more good we do on Twitch the better we can shape it and set a standard for newer users, casters and viewers alike. My DM’s are always open if you would like to reach out to me, and if you would like to add anything to this feel free to comment below.